What is Limelight? Limelight is a rich client GUI framework unlike any other. With a unique angle on GUI development, Limelight harnesses the power to develop a wide range of applications from business tools to games. One Language Unlike many other frameworks, Limelight applications are built using only one language: Ruby. Every aspect, from the screen structure and styling, to control logic and business modeling, is written in Ruby. Simple, Fast Development Limelight has been streamlined to be simple and easy to work with. Its APIs have been molded such that development requires minimal syntax and no duplication. Consequently, the APIs are a breeze to learn and development is blazingly fast. Unique Theater Metaphor Let's face it, plain app apps don't cut it any more. These days, users have to be thrilled and entertained. Limelight promotes this attitude to the core. In Limelight you don't build applications, you build theatrical Productions. Limelight provides a Theater in which you open Scenes, build Props, and cast Players to bring your Production to life and razzle-dazzle your audience. Web-Like Look & Feel Web apps are prolific and everyone knows how to use them. Limelight takes advantage of this fact producing UIs with a Web-Like Look & Feel. Websites can be cloned by Limelight and the two would be indistinguishable. 10 Minute Calculator This screen-cast demonstrates how you can build a calculator from scratch in 10 minutes. The calculator is nothing to brag about but, but hey, it only took 10 minutes to build it! Cross Platform Limelight, built on Java, can be ported to all major systems. Open Source Limelight is Free and Open Source. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPL license.